the monster and the closet

Morty had been called a monster,
But he thought of himself as a furry friend.
He didn't scare anyone or hide anywhere,
Except behind a toothy grin.

Ivory horns sat atop Morty's head
And a big ol' blue beard hung from his chin.
His purple fur kept him warm outside
And his big ol' heart kept him warm within.

He lived in a very dense forest
Filled with hemlock trees.
He spent most of his days sleeping,
Eating plants and drinking tea.

He was at home and he was happy,
Until the day that men came with their machines.
They yelled and yielded axes,
They cut down all the trees.

Morty was scared of the them.
He ran as far as he could.
He ran for days and days,
Until he came across a neighborhood.

There, houses and street lights stood in rows
There were plants to eat and places to roam.
Morty hoped that he could find help here,
Maybe even a new home.

He opened the door to one the houses,
Picked up his paw and stepped in,
He tiptoed down the hallway,
Looking for a friend.

He went inside a room
And in the glow of a night light
He saw a little girl
Sleeping soundly, nice and tight.

Slowly, he stepped forward
He didn't want to startle her awake.
He smiled with his big teeth,
Excited about the new friend he would make.

Suddenly she rolled over
And slowly opened her eyes,
And then to his surprise,
She began to scream and cry!

The little girl had seen a shadow
Of horns cast against the wall.
Looming in the room,
Growing big and tall.

Morty put his paws up in the air,
And took a big step back
But her screams just got louder.
Morty was under attack!

Lights came on in the hallway,
And footsteps came from the floor.
Morty began to panic.
He opened the closet door.

He hid behind a pile stuffed animals
And then he held his breath.
A man stormed into the room,
And nearly scared Morty to death!

"There is a monster in the closet!"
The little girl exclaimed.
Morty hadn't even introduced himself
But she had given him this terrible name.

The mans tone of voice elevated
and made a very loud sound
"Monster if you are in there,
You better come out here right now!"

The man walked to the bed
And knelt beside the little girl,
"Monster if you come near us,
I'll knock you right outta this world!"

Morty was terrified.
All he wanted was a friend!
Why didn't they understand
That monsters are pretend?

Eventually the little girl went back to sleep.
And the man stopped with his threats.
Morty sat inside the closet
Terrified of who he'd just met.

He felt afraid and alone,
And he didn't know what to do.
So he began to climb out from the stuffed animals
Until he heard someone say: "excuse you!"

He looked with his eyes from side to side
And several eyes looked right back
Frightened again, he nearly jumped out of his skin
And he opened the closet door to a crack.

"My friend, thats not a good plan."
From behind him came a voice
"You'll upset the little one again.
That's certainly not a good choice."

Morty stopped and said: "You dont think I'm a monster?
Did you call me your friend?"
To which the voice replied:
"Well my friend, monsters are pretend.

We are all friends in this place,
We all like hugs and tea.
There are no monsters in here,
You can be what you want to be."

Morty turned and looked around...
The closet was full of tall tales.
With fur and claws and horns and paws,
wings and tails and teeth and scales.

The others introduced themselves,
As Monty and Mildred and Mork and Miles,
Big and small, on the floor and on the shelves, 
They stood and greeted him with great big smiles.

"What's your name kind sir,
And where in the world are you from?"
Morty replied, "I'm Morty"
Pointing inward with two great big thumbs.

"I come from the forest
Where the hemlocks grow very tall.
I wish that we could all go there
I wish that I could invite you all."

Monty, Mildred, Mork and Miles
all smiled with smiles for miles and miles,
And Mork interrupted:
"Can you help us from this stuffed animal pile?"

"Yes, let's escape!" Morty exclaimed.
"If we work together we can be free.
We can find plants to eat, places to sleep.
We can go together to find trees and tea."

But Miles quickly reminded Morty
Of the man on the other side of the closet door.
"He said he would tear us to pieces
And we don't even know what for.

We all came from happy homes,
With plants and tea,
With animals that roamed
Wild and free among the trees.

But our homes were cut down
By men with axes and saws,
Without a care for all the creatures,
Without a legitimate cause.

The deer and squirrels and birds
The teeth and fur and claws
The bears and wolves and me myself,
The horns and jaws and paws,

All run out of their homes to hide,
Amongst these houses in rows,
Inside of little parks and closets  
Where our teeth and toes won't show."

Morty began to realize
That Monty, Mildred, Mork and Miles
And had been trapped in that closet
for quite a while.

And suddenly he began to see
To this closet door, there was only one key
It was a little girl's imagination
That would surely set them free.

Suddenly he pushed the door open,
"Ta da!" He began cheerfully say,
"I'm one of your stuffed animals
and I've come to play!" 

The little girl quickly sat up in her bed,
Her mind filled up with fear.
Her lips began to quiver.
Her eyes filled up with tears.

Morty, quick on his feet,
Began to dance and smile,
He motioned with his paws
For Monty, Mildred, Mork and Miles.

They all danced into the room
From the bottoms of their feet to their tippity tops:
Shuffles and spins and flippity flops,
Jitters and jives and hippity hops.

They carried stuffed animals that looked a lot like them,
Morty, Monty, Mildred, Mork and Miles
The little girl watched all of them
and slowly began to smile.

"We are here to be your friends"
Morty told the little girl.
"We've come from your imagination
To be here in this world."

The little girl paused and then she asked:
"You aren't monsters? You're here to be my friends?"
Morty smiled real wide and replied:
"Well now little one, monsters are pretend!"

The little girl gave him a great big hug
And they all danced together on into the night
Until she became exhausted
And Morty tucked her in, nice and tight.

They all gave her a little kiss as they left
And tiptoed down the hall.
They stepped out of the front door
With all their great big paws.

They all ran wild and free,
Morty, Monty, Mildred, Mork and Miles.
They ran for miles and miles
All with great big smiles.

Until they came across a forest.
A dense forest of hemlock trees
Where they made a home together,
They danced and slept and drank tea.

They had learned that people fear what they don't understand
But that fear only lives and dies in the mind.
So now they only visit the little girl in her dreams
And otherwise they're quite hard to find.

Over the years, the little girl has dreamt of them again and again
And she is always happy to see her friends.
She isn't afraid even a little bit because she knows
that monsters are pretend