the big orange ankle grabber

Deep within the glow of the television's the light
The big orange ankle grabber came to us at night.

He brought with him a message he wanted us to hear
Held up his tiny hands to fan the flames of fear. 

Left no dime or second to spare,
No hue beyond his orange skin and hair.

He got to his ankle grabbing and he pulled in the reins
That orange ankle grabber put those ankles in their chains.

But don't worry children, everything is just great!
Don't worry about words, don't worry about hate,

The orange ankle grabber, he's got a plan
He's going to build a big wall and give power to the klan.

He will protect you and all of your friends.
Unless of course, you are one of 'them.'

He will protect our right to bear arms
He will keep us all from harm

The orange ankle grabber will tie up "their" ankles tight.
He'll kick them out and keep up the fight.

He'll keep talk about climate change to a pitter patter
He'll make sure we all know what lives matter.

With his tiny hands, and orange hair and skin
He'll get to ankle grabbing and make us great again

He'll make everything great for you and for all your friends
Unless, of course, you are one of 'them.'