townes is just like me

There was a dog named Townes.
He lived in the backyard.
He loved his family.
He always watched them through the glass on the back door.
And he was happy.
Except when they were gone, when he was lonely.
And when it was storming, when he was scared.
And when it was very cold, when he was freezing.
And when his bowls were empty, when he was hungry and thirsty.
And when he tried to sleep on the hard ground, when he was tired.
One day his dad, John, decided to go on a camping trip.
Townes saw his camping pack and got very excited.
He wanted to go too.
But John left without him.
He went into the woods and camped in a tent for several days.
One night John walked deep into the woods alone to get firewood.
And suddenly he found himself lost.
He began to panic and search for the tent.
But the more he walked the more lost he became.
He was lost in the woods for nearly a week.
When he thought of his family at home, he was lonely.
When it was storming, he was scared.
When it was very cold, he was freezing.
When he could not find food or water, he was hungry and thirsty.
When he could not sleep on the forest floor, he was tired.
He felt frightened and tired and sad.
Until he stumbled across a road
And he found his way home.
When he arrived home, John hugged his wife and children.
He could see Townes looking at him through the back door.
Townes was wagging his tail in some cold rain.
Now John knew how Townes felt.
He opened the door and let Townes into the house.
From that day forward, things changed for Townes.
When John went places, he took Townes.
When it was storming, Townes was comforted indoors.
When it was very cold, he laid by the fireplace.
When he ate food and drank water from his bowls, he felt full.
When he slept on the bed with John, he felt loved.
And John slept soundly beside him,
knowing his friend, Townes, was safe and happy.