the ostrich and the giraffe

Ollie the ostrich had opinions.
He liked to do things a certain way.
And when other animals would try to change his mind.
He'd just bury his head all day.

Jolly the giraffe had dreams,
He'd just sit and watch the clouds pass by.
And when others tried to point out the logic of things
He'd stick his head way up in the sky.

Ollie and Jolly met each other one day.
As they walked around on the ground.
They began to share ideas,
But neither heard a sound.

Because right away Ollie buried his head,
And Jolly stretched his neck up high,
The two were all too different,
They couldn't see eye to eye.

They weren't ever on the same page
Ollie had his opinions and Jolly had his dreams
As time went by and they began to age,
It started to seemed like they were on different teams.

Ollie buried his head deeper and deeper,
And Jolly stretched his neck higher and higher into the sky,
Until they lived in two different worlds entirely.
They didn't even speak the same language, they didn't even try.

So they went on about their lives separately.
Ollie lived with his opinions in the ground
Jolly with his dreams in the clouds,
One of them, a peg that was square, the other a hole that was round.

They continued to grow in their own directions
As far as they possibly could,
Until one day they grew so far
That they finally grew just how they should.

They had grown so far into the ground
And so far up in the sky
They found themselves upside down,
Looking one another in the eye.

They had grown right out of their comfort zones
and suddenly it seemed
that Jolly had found his way into Ollie's opinions
And Ollie was in Jolly's dreams.

When they turn their own selves upside down
They could see the perspective of the other
Opposing ideas weren't so different after all
Maybe they were brothers.

Maybe neither of them were wrong
Maybe they were both right.
Maybe there was no left and right,
No darkness and light.

Maybe we can share opinions, ideas and dreams
We can find things that make us all love and laugh
Maybe we can be one team,
Just like the ostrich and the giraffe.