baobab trees

The places we'll go.
A step back into childhood
One forward into the unknown.

My dreams are filled with the tiny things
The future has in store.
Like bedtime stories every night
And the places we'll explore.

The tops of mountains
And the depths of seas
All folded in the pages
All building into memories.

Outerspace awaits us -
Nothing is too far!
We'll explore the forests
Where the wild things are.

We'll make green eggs and ham,
We'll climb the baobab trees.
We'll go to where the sidewalk ends
We'll set the seagulls free.

We'll fix all of the automatons
We'll let the giving trees grow
We'll Feed all of the hungry Caterpillars.
We'll run with the basselopes.

On the terrible horrible no good very bad days,
We'll help each other through.
I'll love you forever,
I'll love the little ones too.

There are so many adventures ahead of us,
Waiting inside the womb.

nuclear fission

We are nuclear fusion
Energy finds its time to bind,
Between students of science
And the human mind.

Elements of dancing light,
Close enough to become one.
A single subatomic particle
Spewing energy like the sun.

Rising and setting,
Something new begins to grow
From our light and love
Inside a warm glow.

We are nuclear fission.
Elements split from the core.
Isotopes in the reactor,
One becomes home for more.

Like the power lines that line the streets,
And the lights inside of homes.
They give the gifts of sound and sight
And begin to warm our bones.

The energy that brought us together
Begins to pull us apart
Into the best pieces of ourselves, 
In the electricity of tiny hearts.