your worst nightmare

You don’t have to wait up tonight, I’m here waiting for you.
You know me as lies, but I know the truth.

I’ve planted some seeds and they’ve started to grow.
So, go on to sleep and reap what you sow.
I am the things you’ve never done and the dirt you’ve never tilled.
Say your prayers, count your blessings and take all of your pills.
You’ll find me in the darkness and you’ll bring me to the stage.
You’ll write your own stories, but I’ll turn the page.

Don’t wait up, my friend, just tuck yourself in.
I know you too well, I know all your sins.

I am the skeletons in your closet, I am the ghosts inside your head.
I’m your worry, your fears, the monsters under your bed.
I am a loss for words deep inside the diving bell,
A cookie cutting suburban trap, a constant trip to hell.
I’m flayed chunks of flesh and splintered bits of bone,
fresh wounds wringing with rot, the devil on his throne.

Don’t wait up now, it’s already too late.
I was born in your childhood, I am your fate.

I’ll be here for you all throughout your life.
I’ll abduct your children and I’ll fuck your wife.
When you feel that falling sensation, lose trust in the air,
When you feel that flutter in your gut, that’s me right there.
I am your teeth falling out, your pubic parts out in the public eye.
I am a car crash and I decide if you get to wake up before you die.

Don’t wait up, my slave, we’ll be together soon.
I’ve been digging your grave for tonight’s full moon.

I’m the shadowy figure in the corner of your mind
A pocket full of posies and the change you’ll never find.
I am a fire in your home, a body of water inside your lungs,
I’ll put my hand over your mouth and hold onto your tongue.
I’ll introduce you to your dead relatives and friends,
Make you beg me to bring back your long lost kin.

Don’t wait up, its already been too long,
You’ll never be able to right all your wrongs.

I delight in your doubt, I find pleasure in your pain,
In everything you’ve lost, there’s been something I’ve gained.
I’ll nip at your heels until the sunrise,
Let the fish and eels eat at your eyes.
Scream as loud as you want, no one can hear,
I’ve got too much left to haunt, you’ve got too much fear.

So don’t wait up with all your worries and cares,
Come lay down with me, your worst nightmare.