the con man of conyers

“Confidence is one of the easiest things to steal from a person - just let them down and you have it. But there is an art to buildin’ confidence in a person, you see? There is an art to bein’ a con man. The kind of art that requires both a skilled set of hands and an understandin’ of the subject. It’s all about precision and persuasion. You gotta know how to influence people and distract them from the world they think they know...create a moment, even if just a moment, where they only exist in the world you’ve created for them. But that’s why they also call us con artists.”
Cash is an older man, maybe in his late fifties. There is no cowardice in him, except for the yellow on his teeth from the cigarettes. The many wrinkles on his face map out most of his journey. He lost all his hair and maybe a few marbles along the way. He’s the kind of man that’ll step onto a lighted stage to revel in darkness. He’s rough around the edges, but soft at his core. His belly sags from his otherwise thin body, like an apron made of meat. He wears shiny black wingtips and a tight, flannel shirt that is tucked into his Wrangler jeans. 
He continues, “I mean, my name makes my path seem fuckin’ obvious, don’t it? I gotta make the most of it,” he jokes, “It ain’t a nickname, it’s a callin’. I used to do long cons in Conyers, because there was plenty of space there to stretch out and plenty of crime to hide in. A good grifter never goes where everyone knows the money is - that’s where they’ll be lookin’ for things to go wrong. I go where the cash is held like a concealed weapon. Some people manage their money like moles in the mud. To find it, I just gotta cover myself in mud and lay low. Find myself a little town, settle down and perk up my ears. My favorite jobs, though, are fast swindles that I like to call ‘fontanel finds,’ where the window of opportunity is small, but where I’m able to get right to the loot - right between the bones of their skulls”
Cash looks like the product of a human and an alligator. He’s been scammin’ folks for decades and he has plenty of tricks up his thin flannel sleeves, but his appearance makes him look like he’s the kind of man you’d think to see sippin’ Arnold Palmers under a magnolia tree. Cash is downright charmin’, and that’s what makes him so good - so good at gettin’ into people’s heads and pockets, so good at chewin’ tobacco and cuttin’ his teeth on new ways of conin.’ 
“Anyone can be fooled once and that’s all I need. It don’t matter how secure, skeptical, cognizant or careful you think you are. So, the next time you’re checkin’ your bank account, askin’ for directions, vacationin’ with your family, watchin’ a movie, walkin’ your dog, shoppin’ for groceries, goin’ to church, playin’ with your kids - that could be the time. So, keep an eye out for me, won’t ya? And, if you trust anything I just said about my methods or my whereabouts...well, you might just be next.”