a heavy heart

Girls, it's with a heavy heart that I write this note.
This is not the world I hoped you'd be born into.
You'll come with important weapons, like the right to vote,
But you'll come with their weaknesses too.

Too many today have used these things to do harm,
To look out for themselves.
To protect their right to bear arms
But ignore books on the shelves.

They take the rhetoric to a dangerous tone,
And forget that their safeties also fuel our wars.
They protect investments in their own homes
As the rest of the world stays poor.

I try to see things from another point of view,
I think about losing my job and maybe my house too. 
As all the money goes to just a few.
Joining an angry mob or a military coup.

But I just don't have the hate I'd need
To be part of this very loud movement that's taking place.
I don't have the hands to make others bleed,
The eyes to see the color on another person's face.

And for that reason, that reason alone
I cannot see how we have gone this way,
I can't see people from elsewhere not having a place in my home
I don't see anything wrong with those that are lesbian, transgender or gay.

I don't see anything less in those with 'disabled' bodies or minds,
I see women as not just equal to men, but essential to this world.
I see the most important trait in a politician, in a person, as being kind
I see the beautiful world around us - we must protect it, my little girls.

I will do my best to protect you and those who are discriminated against
I'll try to do what is right and teach you to do the same.
For love and peace and equality we will take a stance,
We won't accept their agendas or play their games.

We will keep our heads up and raise our fists,
We will protect against the exploitation of universal truths.
We will create our own world where prejudice and hatred don't exist,
The world I'd hoped you'd be born into.