half empty

Featured on The Five Hundred

The moment of totality obscures all the light in the sky. Maybe we've lost touch with reality, dilated pupils in our eyes. I think of metaphors in the moments just before it arrives. The piss-like colors surrounding us as the shadows multiply.

Oregon to Wyoming. Nebraska to Tennessee. Everyone looking up through their ISO certified glasses, or their Lucky Charms boxes because they couldn't afford the goddamned things. All the con men having jumped at the chance to make a buck by selling glasses made of cardboard and tinted cellophane. The homeless addicts and booze hounds can't participate - they have nothing to give in exchange for protection from nature.

I'm quite sure there are cults somewhere drinking koolaide. The few quirky scientists left at NASA speaking of orbital planes and syzygy. A lazy opportunist taking advantage of the situation to propose to his girlfriend. Some ditzy fucking sorority girls singing that Bonnie Tyler song. A pile of fat slobs feasting their eyes on the sun while gravity momentarily gives them a gift of 1.7 ounces. A few fools waiting for Christ to march out of heavens mouth.

Mostly the masses meandering along the paths they've carved out of nature: emerging from office buildings, high rises, condos and construction sites. The streets littered in the shadow bands of people. Zombies ready for the apocalypse.

The temperature plummets. Nocturnal animals begin to act strangely, to activate themselves. Rats and cockroaches roaming the earth in broad daylight. Coming out of the orifices and crevices, the offices and cubicles. The president looks up as the darkness steps up in front of the light. Steps across his path to victory. The blind leading the blind with reckless rhetoric and ring around the rosies.

Maybe it's doomsday. Maybe we've gone too far. Maybe the radiation will cause us all to become chaotic and violent. Or maybe we already are.

Ancient people saw the sun devoured by wolves. They saw the dogs steal it. Saw it chased by a severed head. They saw the sun and the moon at war. They saw disasters, destruction, disease and death. Now, Hsi and Ho look up from their graves after drinking themselves to death, like theentire nation is now. The ancient people knew just what this all would mean.

Maybe you see the sun as half empty. Maybe you see it as half full. But don't kid yourself, we all know where it's headed. For each time it rises, it always sets. Even when it sits high, bright and full of life - It's always moving to hide itself from us, just beneath the horizon. Every day things keep moving in the same direction.

And the nothingness of night is just around the corner.