mechanical birds

Little ones, I'm writing you from miles above.
From inside a giant mechanical bird.
It can take me anywhere in the world
as it carries all of these words.

It can take me to Alaska or Japan,
Puerto Rico or Peru.
But the best place it could ever take me
Is to come and see the two of you.

When you get older, 
if you move away
I'll get inside a bird like this
And I'll be on my way.

I'll come see you in the Pacific Northwest
I'll go wherever you are.
I'll visit you off the coast of Ecuador,
It doesn't matter how far.

Because these birds can carry you too, girls
They'll take you all over the world.
They'll take you to discover the pyramids
And to search beaches for shiny pearls.

These metal birds will take you on adventures
No matter where you wish to roam.
One day, they may take you away from me
But they can always bring you back home.