There was once a man with very big maps.
He traveled the world with a hip-pity hop and a tip-pity tap.

He had big plans, he had big things.
He took big trips and he had big dreams.

He visited rain forests and deserts and sailed the high seas.
He went to the deep parts of the oceans and the tops of trees.

The world was big and round and full of things to explore. 
Everywhere he went, he wanted to see more.

When he'd hit the road, he'd stop for just a bit
Then run on to the next place to see how far he could get.

But just when he thought he'd seen it all, something new appeared. 
The day finally came when the two of you came here.

That day the world changed right before his eyes.
It was smaller and brighter and right there by his side.

Now the world was small and round and full of things to explore,
Like blades of grass and seashells on the sea shore.

There are worms and tree leaves and fireflies,
There are chemicals to mix and new foods to try.

There are toys to build and books to read,
Seeds to plant and ants to feed.

There are so many little things he had passed by for so long
That he forgot they were there and almost forgot where he belonged.

Now the world was not a huge place to rush through,
But a place to stop and smell the flowers with you.

He put away his maps and took out his tools -
so he could show you the ropes and teach you the rules.

He'll be there to help you explore a tiny world,
A world that will grow with you, my little girls.

You're already teaching me to remember the little things,
The crickets that chirp and the birds that sing.

The seconds matter now, not just the days.
I'll be there with you in every single way.

I'll show you how you how to use a fork and how to tie your shoes,
How to play baseball and chew big league chew.

How to paint pretty pictures and write birthday cards.
And how to blow the petals from dandelions in the yard.

And one day when you are big enough in your own self.
I'll pull the maps back out from off of the shelf.

I'll point to all the places we can go,
And you can tell me what you want to know.

We'll travel the world together and see so many things.
We'll see what adventures tomorrow brings.

But this time when the time starts to fly right by
We'll remember the crickets, the dandelions and the fireflies.