young wolves

Young wolves, you must always know,
Life can be beautiful and it can be cruel,
Others may try to eat you alive,
They may tell you to follow their rules.
But young wolves, you'll have each other
And so you will always be strong.
You'll have twice the strength of others,
You will always have a place to belong.
You can be in each other's corners,
You can be the bigger ones,
You can raise your little fists
And tell them to put down their guns.
You'll never be alone at the table,
You'll never have to be afraid.
Because you will have each other,
You can choose what you share and trade.
You can choose to be peaceful,
You can lead the protest.
You can help others who need it,
You can lay the wars to rest.
Young wolves, you'll have each other.
You'll always have your pack,
You'll always have someone rooting for you,
You'll always have one another's back.
When you hunt for stones in the river,
When you go to school,
When you learn about the world around you,
When you decide to break all their rules.
When you make your own
And you go your own way,
You'll always go together,
Because part of you will always stay.
Young wolves, you must always know
The world can be beautiful and it can be filled with greed.
But when you stay together
You will have just what you need.