bits of time

Time is behind us now
All those days are done.
Took the change from both our pockets
And holstered all our guns.

We put our cards on the table
And time played its hand.
We walked away with the winnings
But left behind our plans.

The future sat in the other room
And quietly listened in,
Wouldn't speak of where we're headed
But we know where we've been.

We pulled a full house from the deck,
Of all the random cards,
Held the faces up against our chests
And kept our hearts under guard.

Played the game as best we can,
Protect and pretend.
Be patient for the right moment,
Let time begin to bend.

Hold back all the emotions.
Don't celebrate too soon.
We're in it for the long run,
For all the days of June.

Here we are in July again,
And I've played all my cards.
I've done my best to play the game
No matter how damn hard.

I've put all my cards on the table.
I've crowned all of my queens.
I've given you all my diamonds,
Pulled spades and planted trees.

I've collected all of my winnings
And placed one last bet,
That time was always on our side,
From the very day we met.