juniper trees and mountain laurels

There at the height of clouds,
He stopped and wiped his brow
He was close to death before he left
And he was even closer now.

He had come to the mountains to find some peace,
But his mind was at war.
He didn't understand society
Or what the people were fighting for.

He stepped toward the ledge
And he saw a simple way.
If he had known any god
He might have even prayed.

Suddenly the sky began to sigh
And he listened to the wind
A nearby tree caught the breeze
And began to speak to him.

It was there among the mountaintops
It stood there by his side.
He took some berries from the tree
And began to wave goodbye.

That Juniper tree had reminded him
That the earth connects to the sky.
The roots of it anchored in the earth
It's branches reaching high.

He began to climb back down the mountain
And make his way back home.
He left his friend at the mountain top,
To keep another from feeling alone.

When he returned home, he took the seeds 
From the pockets of his pants
Then he strung them into worry beads,

And held them in his hands. 

Time passed and he used the beads
In each passing day.
No matter how lost he'd get,
They'd help him find his way.

Until he lost the seeds themselves
And his fear all began to return.
He began to feel alone again
And his heart began to burn.

So he set out into the woods
To search for the things he'd lost
He walked along a river bank,
Leaving footsteps in the frost.

He stopped at a fork in the river
Where one split into two.
The pitter patter of his heart;
He listened as it grew.

He looked into the freezing water
And he saw a simple way.
And when he did, the wind picked up
And the trees began to sway.

There beside him a Laurel stood
and he saw it's beautiful blooms
He loved the Laurel and its leaves.
There was no more room for gloom.

The Laurel grew next to the river
Where all things merge into one
It reminded him that we are all connected,
As we move through life and the river runs.

He sat down on a large rock
And found pockets for his hands
There he found his worry beads
Which fell out in the sand.

The string had broken between them,
And they scattered all around.
Some rolled into the river
others rolled across the ground.

He could have felt panic
And rushed to get them back
But somehow he knew they belonged there
So he just picked up his empty pack.

He began his hike back home
And he began to think of the trees
They had led him to a greater understanding
They had set his mind free.

He was grateful he wandered upon them,
He felt whole for the first time.
He knew they would always be with him,
Down by the river and up near the sky.

Back at the river front,
A magical thing happened to a Juniper seed.
It began to grow in the soil there,
Beside the Laurel tree.

The trees stood side by side,
And just like old friends,
They began to wave at one another
As the sky brought forth the wind.