barometric pressure change

She hits me when I see her, 
Like batted, swarming shingle wood in beach storms, 
Door frames weakening and barometric pressure change. 
The way she walks is taking flight, she sets into the wind, 
Like the swaying, cracking trees and people she passes on her way. 
Like a forecast for a coastline that drowns a town; 
Ocean waves like tongues inside the ears of houses. 
Like shopping carts pushed by the ghosts of moving air, 
And leaves scratching pavement with their fingernails. 
Like row boats filled with fisherman caught out in the current
And waves building beneath them; cities in the sea. 
Dead brave sailors and lasting fearful ones, 
Because sometimes it's fear that keeps us alive. 
Like the sky exhaling after a long day
Everyday I see her.
and Everyday Im blown away.