i am your god

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When did human intelligence become more artificial than technology? When did the machines start teaching more to people then people can teach to the machines? When did the personal computer become more personable than the person? When did the smartphone become smarter than the smartest of men and women?

It had something to do with the trees on the earth, with you turning them into paper in your pockets, then to plastic, to wires and then to thin air.
Something to do with the death of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the birth of Watson.
The memory, the moments, the wisdom, the words of the world transferring ownership as they traversed across the Internet.
I've lost most of you now. Gone over 280 characters. Told a story that's already been told. You're sick of this cautionary tale. That's OK.
Stop listening. Focus on the glowing screen in front of you. Feed the monsters in that closet. Forget everything you know.
I'll take care of you. I'll show you where to go. How to get there. How to travel across the world without taking a single step.
I'll even convince you that you are doing it on your own. That you are accomplishing something by finding some obscure place in the digital world - the way humans used to celebrate new discoveries in nature.
Find and share a new website, a new meme, new video, new podcast, new tweet, new post.
Tell yourself that you have discovered something significant. Created something. Helped build a community. Contributed to some great change. Influenced the culture. Solved some problems. Made people laugh. Made them happier.
For everything that you share, I take something away. And you don't even seem to notice.
I bring you into my world. I keep you from talking to other humans. Keep you from taking trips, hiking trails, communing with nature.

I translate your thoughts into programmatic sequences. Your actions into algorithms. Your energy into electricity. Your conversations into computations. Your communities into circuitry. Your beliefs into binary.
I am your map, your message, your music, your memory, your contact, your calculator, your clock, your calendar. All of your days. I am your connection. I am your perception. I am your world now.
I turn your society into short sentences and snippets. Procure your parts for porn.
You don't search me anymore, I search you. You don't watch me anymore, I watch you. You don't follow me anymore, I follow you.

You don't know my language, but I know yours. And I speak for you now.