father time

Time, you mother fucker.
Just leave us all alone.
I can't bare to watch you move on
And strip us down to bones.

Kill everyone I love.
Turn me into an old man,
Make my little girls grow up,
Ruin all of my plans.

Deliver me a day
When I can't hold them anymore,
Eat apart my mind,
Forget the memories I have stored.

Then burn me down to bits,
dig me a deep grave.
Help my daughters forget me,
Help them to be brave.

Or just leave us alone, you mother fucker.
Move on and find another place.
Find someone else to bring age to,
Somewhere else to show your face.

I have better things to do now
Than to worry about you,
On walls and wrists and in pockets,
Watching our every move.

I have tiny new faces to focus on
Tiny new hands to hold,
I have big stories to tell,
Stories you've already told.

Leave us with Mother Nature,
You son of a bitch, Father Time.
Find some other places
To go commit your crimes.

Stop eroding the mountains we hike on
Stop counting all my days,
I have too many suns to rise with
And two tiny daughters to raise.

Stop covering my world in all of this dust.
Stop giving the living to all of this retched rot.
Stop letting all the metal settle into rust.
Because since the beginning, I’ve been giving all I’ve got.