I'm Jason  - father of Juniper, Laurel and Townes (my hound dog, best friend and spirit animal). Juniper and Laurel are twins, born in 2017. Juniper was born with deletions of 1q21.1 and STXBP1. I started this blog to connect with those that have children with similar differences. In this space I'll write about June Bug, Laurel Bear, Townes, my beautiful wife Coley, and all of the other wonderful people and things I walk through life with. 

The posts here are dedicated to all of the beautiful things in the world that we often overlook - the spider webs that flicker with sunlight and morning dew, the weeds that flower in grassy fields, the smile on the face of a child with dysmorphic facies, the insect that fights for life on the windowpane,  the little things that we step over every day.

We are a reflection of the people we surround ourselves with. If you appreciate my perspective, let's connect. I can be reached at jcstanaland@gmail.com or via the Instagram account below.