back in the saddle

It’s been 267 days since my last post to this blog.

I’ll catch you up: a bunch of stuff happened that no one cares about, June had another seizure but has made some huge leaps in development, Laurel has become more and more helpful and loving, and I have kicked off an idea to start building an app for special needs parents (more on that later).

June’s progress: Holy shit.

She is a rockstar, a hero, an inspiration. She’s all of those things and more. She’s bunny hoping (see video below) around the house now, she’s mastered the high kneel, she can transition from sit to stand all by herself, she’s become much more stable when sitting and standing, and she’s got a gait trainer in progress to help her start walking.  


When I last posted to this blog, June was not yet mobile and she had just received her Meerkat stander. At that time, I could have never dreamt that I’d be writing a post less than a year later as she hops all over the house. 

In previous posts I’ve written about the grave fears I’ve had regarding June’s lack of mobility, her lack of freedom, but today I can say that she is freer than she’s ever been. I find her in all corners of the house, from the kitchen to the far reach of the bedroom.

June is on her own adventures now. And soon enough the rooms she is exploring will become neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods will become countries, and those countries will become continents.

June can’t quite crawl yet, but she’s found a way to move herself (and move us all in the process). She is constantly innovating new ways to use her arms and legs, even as they actively protest against her. I see the little gears of ingenuity click, click, clicking away in her head as she hops along and interacts with new objects in her environment. I see her look up at the precipice of the coffee table or a first tier shelf and conjure up the courage to face it. These things are her mountains now and she climbs them every day.

I see my brave little girl constantly reaching for hope and she helps me reach for it too.