There is something special about digging up chunks of Georgia red clay and replacing it with rich soil to nurture a beautiful flower or tree. There is something special about caring for the plant and watching it thrive.

When I plant a tree, I know that I’ve given it enough fertile soil to get started, but I also know that it'll have to be strong - on it's own - as it grows. There will come a time when it's roots reach the clay. A time when it's outgrown the safe little world I've created for it. A time when it will have to carve out it's own path, despite the wasteland this world has to offer, despite the red clay restricting it's growth. 

Just like I create an optimal environment for a new new plant, I hope to create a safe, nurturing environment for my girls to grow in as they get started on life.  I hope to give my girls a good home and make them strong enough to keep growing when they go out into the world.  

Just like my plantings, as they grow, my girls will face barriers. They’ll surely have their fair share of Georgia red clay to break though. Modern cultures have become aggressively selective filters. The lack of nutrients and room to grow in this world can cause us to wither and wane as we age. 

A glass ceiling is nothing compared to a concrete floor.

When their roots reach darker depths, my girls will be ready and they will be strong. They'll crown the canopy and weather the storms. They'll carve their own paths into the earth and their own paths into the sky. They'll carve their way into it - through the clay, the drought and the pollution. They'll push on through. 

And as their father, I will always provide sunlight for my girls. I'll be sure they can reach out and find more energy, more love, when they need it. When everything else around them is drained and void of nutrients, deprived of freedoms and forced to compete, I'll be there to cut it all down. I'll do anything in my power to meet their needs, because I'll have raised them from tiny seeds.