Everyone who knows Coley gets to enjoy a special kind of energy. If you’ve met her, you know that there is something unique about her, yet something you can relate to. You know that she’s a beautiful person, a good human being, a nurturing mother, wife and friend.  

She gives and gives until I don’t understand how she has anything left to give, and she gives some more. If you know her, you know this. She’s overtly optimistic and she wears a smile in most moments. In fact, I doubt she’s ever met a stranger she hasn’t met with a smile. She balances out my inherently skeptical, pessimistic points of view - and, trust me, she has to throw a lot of energy on the seesaw for that.

If you have met her, you know that she is kind and empathetic. You know that she genuinely cares about you. She is strong and committed, loyal and loving. She is a powerful force. If you know her, you know that she carries weight of the world. She cares about everyone and everything. She is frequently successful in making the lives of others better. Sometimes, she makes life seem too good and too easy. 

If you have ever met her, you likely know her well, but what you likely don’t know is this: She works her ass off to earn the ability to smile so much. She works hard every day, all day, to give everything she has to others. Did you know that she got up, made me a cup of coffee and served it to me in bed everyday for over five years?  

Did you know that she gets up, changes two diapers and makes two bottles nearly every morning now? Did you know that she has a very stressful job that takes well over 40 hours of her time every week? Did you know that she manages a pile of paperwork outside of her job, including bills, finances, medical applications for June, legal and tax documents?  

Did you know that she sacrifices her own well-being for those that she loves? Did you know that she does not lay down to rest, does not even sit down, until late into the evening? Did you know that  she spends her evenings feeding the girls, doing exercises with Juniper, entertaining Laurel, taking Townes for a walk, bathing the girls, putting them down, making our dinner?  Every bit of it, every bit of her time and energy, is dedicated to taking care of other people. 

Did you know that she wakes up every morning, like the sun in my world? She is always there with me. She brightens every room with natural light. Sometimes I take her for granted, but when she's gone I miss her so badly. When I am alone in the darkness and in the shadows of the mind, I miss her. If the sun could be peeled like an orange, she would be it’s flesh. In our family, she is the most important force of energy.

This Thursday marks the thirteen anniversary from the day that Coley and I first started dating. It all started with a message sent on April 27, 2005 that read: “well i saw you had a converge button a while back and i wanted to say hi...” and a few weeks later our future together began. It’s hard to believe that this Sunday is her second mother’s day. Time moves so fast. Over the years, I have learned that time is not patient, but love is. Love is what heals our wounds.

I love you Coley.