your bones and hair

Happy first birthday girls. I wrote this to you the night before you were born.

”My mind is racing in this place.
I feel the fear that only love weaves.
Everything is building as nature intends,
as the trees outside grow their leaves.

Heart rates race to the finish line
New blood rushes in to carry you through.
Courage climbs into the spine,
Organs form and function just for you.

Chemicals swell inside their cells
The lungs dig into the air.
I think of all the ultrasounds
and of your bones and hair.

Houses turn into homes,
Sparks of life in every room.
Your mother sleeps beside me now,
You both inside her womb.

Soon to be born into the splice
To live against the grain,
The pressure builds around us all
And deep inside the veins.

My mind is filled with tiny things
Growing before my eyes.
I set the clock to wake myself
And time begins to fly.

The months and years are far too short
But now the days are long.
I'll spend all of mine with the two of you
Right here where I belong.”