what are the odds?

Juniper's genetic condition is extremely rare. 

Dying in a plane crash, getting struck by lightning, winning millions in the lottery, getting your heart carved out and eaten by a deranged serial killer kind of rare. 

Often when this kind of a thing happens, our first thoughts are things like "what did I do to deserve this?" or "why did this happen to me?" I'm no different from most people. Those horrible thoughts crossed my mind. But I was able to transcend them quickly and here is how my thought process progressed: 

  • Perspective 1: How has this happened to me and what did I do to deserve it?
  • Perspective 2: Maybe this happened to me because I am the right person to handle it.
  • Perspective 3: This didn't happen to me at all. It happened to Juniper. It's not about me. It's about her.
  • Perspective 4: Nothing happened to me or to Juniper. Juniper was born this way. She formed this way. Nothing happened other than the birth of a unique and beautiful human being.

I make it sound easy. 

It wasn't. 

But if I think about that last thought now, it makes more sense than the others and that is what is most important for me (and everyone else) to understand.

I've learned a lot about triumphing over trauma over the last few months. One of the first things I learned was to diligently and vigilantly focus on the learning process itself.

Learning can be one of the greatest of gifts.

[next week, we will return to our story]