What will come first?

The super human or the end of the human race?

CRISPR is a family of DNA sequences in bacteria that is currently being used to edit genes. There is a possibility that CRISPR will be able to “cure” embryos like June was - embryos with gene deletions and mutations. Set them back to “normal.”

How do I feel about this as a parent of a child with a different genetic makeup than my own? Honestly, I am grateful that CRISPR is not yet inserting itself into the stomachs of the brave women that create human beings as Mother Nature intended.

Had she been born ten years from now, CRISPR could have taken my little girl away from me.

If you consider CRISPR through the lens of what our modern cultures consider “progress,” it sounds great. Let’s make sure everyone can walk and talk and contribute something to making the rest of us “comfortable.”

Let’s build an “ideal” world. Let’s put plastic blades of grass on the soil. Let’s build zoos and nature theme parks and safaris. Let’s build nature into what we think it should be. Let’s build human beings into what we think they should be too. Let’s build super humans.

But, please keep in mind: as we build these things, we are tearing down things that are already so beautiful. Things that we might just be looking at the wrong way.

About 6 months ago, I would have begged for CRISPR to fix June.

But in the short time I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve realized that she was never broken at all.

I was.

Juniper is already a super human in the ways she should be. She has everything she needs to be good for this world and the people in it.

While we rush to work and to entertain ourselves - to edit our lives with technology - the earth moves slowly and gracefully beneath our feet. Mother Nature is in no rush. But bit by bit, day by day, she's pulling the rug out from under us.

Don't believe it? Don't kid yourselves. Do your kids a favor. Pay attention.

Politics have become a distraction. They feed us with nothing but hate, protect us with nothing but guns to kill one another with, shelter us with nothing but smoke and mirrors. Carbon Dioxide levels are rising. We are poisoning ourselves. Killing everything around us. Letting go of our humanity.

The super humans CRISPR is working to create have no humanity - only ambition. Far too much like you and I, they will see themselves as superior. They will take steps forward regardless of what they step on.

If the super humans come before we are all wiped out by bombs or guns or disease or weather or poison - they, themselves will be the death of us.

Because they won’t be human.

I know this for a fact because I can look in the mirror and then I can look at my little girl who has gene deletions.

And she is far more human than I’ll ever be.